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Social Engineering – The Human Weakness in Cybersecurity

Social Engineering, a manipulative and sophisticated technique, often operates covertly yet can have profound implications. From phishing emails to elaborate scams, Social Engineering has become a serious risk for both businesses and individuals. In this article, we will delve into what Social Engineering is, how it operates, the dangers it

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Manipulated Smartphone Charging Cables: An Underestimated Danger

Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our daily lives, relied upon for communication, organization, and more. But inevitably, they need to be charged. Nowadays, it’s easy to plug in the charging cable and continue using the device. But what if the familiar charging cable we use daily is manipulated?

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The case of a nonexistent incident

Cybersecurity systems are crucial in today’s digital landscape to protect against numerous cyber threats lurking on the internet. These systems are designed to detect potential security incidents early, preventing harm to both businesses and individuals. However, even the best security measures are not immune to occasional errors or false alarms.

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Cyber threat in your pocket

Routinely, we concern ourselves with viruses, bacteria, and everyday risks. We sanitize our hands, lock doors, and buckle up in cars, striving to avoid dangers and protect ourselves. Yet, a threat we constantly face—perhaps even at this moment—is the risk of data loss, financial damage, or the loss of sentimental

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